Scalar, a leading independent valuation firm for tax, financial reporting, transaction advisory and litigation, is joining forces with Family Office Networks to assist family offices with valuation needs related to their investments in both private companies and private equity and venture capital investments.

Family Office Networks provides a platform for families to find suitable co-investors and co-investment opportunities. Their firm knows that at the core of every family office is a successful company, and Family Office Network aims to provide the best possible pool of transactions for families to review and draw from in order to further their business.

Scalar’s mission is to empower family office leaders to make better business decisions through meticulous valuations and insightful consultations.

“We help family offices make informed and effective decisions. We’ve worked with businesses ranging from start-ups to large publicly traded companies all around the world, so our team is well-positioned to provide family offices experienced advice surrounding valuation,” said Scalar Chief Executive Officer Zak Nugent.

Together, Scalar and Family Office Networks will work to facilitate business opportunities for each client’s unique situation in order to help family offices plan for success.

About Scalar

Scalar is the leading independent valuation firm for tax, financial reporting, transaction advisory, and litigation purposes. Scalar empowers business leaders to make informed and effective decisions through meticulous valuations, insightful consultations, and active client engagement.

Founded in 2009, Scalar is a world-class financial firm that combines the highest level of service and quality with the energy and efficiency of a startup.  

Scalar’s experienced team recognizes every client’s situation is unique and works tirelessly to refine and apply the most effective methodologies when performing valuations, calculating risk, and uncovering business opportunities to help clients plan for success.  

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